Friday, November 28, 2014

the dinner . . .

she was very fond of fishing
this girl that i loved
so one day i bought a couple of fishing rods
hired a boat
and took her fishing in the lake.

it was a beautiful day
and i was so moved
by the water and the sky
and the distant shore, that
wrenching out my heart
i gave it to her.

she took it
and said, "thanks"
dropped it into the tin
containing the bait.

when the worms were all finished
and no fish had been caught
she stuck my heart
to her hook
and threw the line, saying,
"this is better bait than

and sure enough
she caught a great big fish.

we returned.

she cooked the fish
and invited me to dinner.

i went
but unfortunately
i did not have the heart
to dine with her.

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