Thursday, April 9, 2009

to a mad woman

(written to a seemingly insane woman whom i often saw wandering around cochin. she looked more radiant and energetic than all the 'sane' people who passed by, often grimacing in disgust)

there is certain
in your stride, mad woman!
the majesty
of a forgotten queen
as you walk along the highway
- people and traffic whirling you –
covered with dirt and grime
breasts bare
matted hair
threadbare loincloth
swishing to the rhythm of your stride.

what pain made you thus?
what unspeakable desire?
or was it a dream
that you dared not dream
of freedom?

where is he now –
the man who loved you once?
the child
that once grew within you?
what songs do you sing
with your incessantly moving lips?
or are you searching for words
long forgotten?

mad woman!
child of nature,
as you lie on the sidewalks
under the stars
as you sit on the grass
by the waterfront
and examine your nakedness
where does your dignity come from?
wherein lies your pride?

at times i see your eyes wander
then focus
on a woman following in servitude
the slave before her
carrying his burden
and his child.
your eyes flash with contempt
for a moment
than are glazed over again.

speak, woman!
you have repented enough for the slaves.
climb up on the pedestal, woman!
cry out your admonition.
tear off their garments too
and their shame of servitude.
lay bare their breasts too
their dignity
and the power they are afraid to know.
whip them !
bleed away their fear
and then
let them walk with you on the highway

with the dignity of an equal
and the majesty
of a queen.

. . . . . . . . . . . . paul mathew


  1. orupadu kaalam manassil kondu nadanna chodyam..... Thank you for bringing it in writing.... Now i know why i get disturbed when i see a mad woman on road......

    1. Some of those seemingly insane ones may be on much higher levels of awareness . . .

  2. This one disturbed me - its somehow, too real. I will post you a link when I eventually bring up enough courage to write the story in my heart on the same lines as this.

    1. Thank you Nirvana. Will look forward to your story.